Courage Catalysts

This is the space where we recognize organizations and individuals who bring courage and love to the places that need it the most. Their work reaches far beyond what they do everyday – they are the change makers, culture shifters, and light bearers. They are Courage Catalysts.
  • Archway Academy is a sober high school supporting the educational needs of teens in recovery. It can be scary and overwhelming for a teen to go to residential treatment or begin the journey of recovery. One of the biggest challenges they face begins when they re-enter the school system. Archway Academy offers students an opportunity to grow (academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually) by integrating the principles of recovery into daily education.

    Archway was established in 2003 by concerned parents and adolescent addiction recovery experts who recognized the need for a school that was dedicated to supporting teens in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse or dependency. Archway is an official Recovery High School, meeting all membership criteria for the national Association of Recovery Schools (ARS). Located on the campus of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Archway is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Archway aims to create a community of diversity, compassion and mutual respect.

  • Black Therapists Rock (BTR) has a dual purpose: Professional Development and Community Development

    The professional development purpose of BTR is to unify all current or aspiring black counselors, coaches, spiritual advisors, LPCs, MFTs, Social Workers, and Psychologist. Through networking, training, and mentorship, they deliver career guidance and support to ensure the highest quality of services are provided to their communities.

    The community development purpose of BTR is to inspire change through psychosocial education. Globally, they partner with other organizations to provide free culturally relevant classes on psychological skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision making, and healthy relationships.

    By normalizing/encouraging prevention based education, BTR reduces barriers to psychological health and decreases stigma against seeking mental health care when needed. Black Therapist Rock is here to let the world know that they are dedicated professionals and they absolutely ROCK!

  • For more than 60 years, The Women’s Home has helped women build whole lives. These women have struggled with addictions, mental illness, homelessness, past abuse and a lack of job skills or education. The Women’s Home offers them an individualized WholeLife program based on six wellness areas: emotional, financial, physical, social, spiritual and vocational.

    The program hosts two residential campuses. The treatment and transitional housing program offers up to 18 months of support. In addition, The Women’s Home owns and operates an 88-unit apartment community, Jane Cizik Garden Place. Both residential programs offer a solution to women who seek a safe, sober and drug-free community where they can recognize and reach their unique potential for success.

    The comprehensive Women’s Home program is a national model for successful rehabilitation, as they address issues such as abuse, mental illness, homelessness, poverty, crime and wellness. Their licensed professional team – psychiatrists, chemical dependency and vocational counselors, social workers, nurse practitioners and therapists – help their clients to gain the necessary self-esteem and skills to become successful and lead a productive life.


Getting In The Arena With Equine-Assisted Therapy

Around since about the 1990s, equine-assisted therapy is a form of psychotherapy where individuals are treated for various issues in and around an equestrian facility. In essence, the horse acts as a cofacilitator or a tool in getting to the root of any issues that the client is dealing with.

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