Almost ten years ago, I stumbled on my first piece of Sugarboo Art. I was shopping with my mom in Old Town Spring, and I spotted a bold, wooden sign that read, “My Whole Heart for My Whole Life.” It was love at first sight.

After collecting several pieces of her art, I started dreaming about a collaboration with Rebecca Puig – the founder and artist behind Sugarboo. Now, it’s happening! We traded emails for two years and I finally flew to Atlanta in September 2016, to meet her in person. She’s as warm and wonderful as her art.

Rebecca and I worked together to identify some of my favorite quotes, and she worked her magic. We are offering art based on my quotes exclusively here at our new Brave Heart Gallery. If you’ve taken any of our courses over at COURAGEworks – you’ll recognize a few of our pieces.

Starting with The Gifts of Imperfection, I’ve talked about our work as a wholehearted revolution – a movement that pushes against scarcity, fear, and blame. I think we need this work more than ever, and having beautiful reminders around our homes and our offices – these or something you make yourself – is just the courage jolt we need sometimes.